Password Protect a single page in dashboard

Hey my guys,
Do you think its possible to password protect a single page/tab in the dashboard?
Right now I have no navigation bar, and a settings tab you access with a button.

Or really, its a text field so you have to type in a password to get access to that page.
Problem is, if you know the URL for this page you can just go straight to it, bypassing the password entry field.

Is there any way to passwork protect only this tab's URL, so only admins can access the settings but anyone on the network can access the cool graphs?
I appreciate any help anybody can provide!

Hi, no that is not feasible in any meaningful way.

Dashboard is a single page app - everything is contained in a single browser tab when active. So while you could add some custom code to pretend to password protect a Dashboard tab, a look at the source code in the browser would easily be able to bypass it.

If you want more security, you need a multi-page solution which Dashboard cannot help with.