Tab with credentials?

Hi, i'm using dashboard and i need a tab with credentials to show the content of it.
How can i achive this?

Do you mean you want to show all the credentials (I believe it is not possible to de-crypt the credentials), or do you mean you want the user to have to logon in order to view the dashboard?

the second one!
I need to do a tab with system setting and only a specific user can change those settings.
So when clikking on the tab i need a logon window/popup or somthing like that to grant the specific user to see what that page contain and change it.

You can configure the standard dashboard so that only logged on users can access the complete dashboard but I do not believe it is possible to configure access to individual tabs. If you search the forum you will find a number of threads discussing alternative ways of achieving this.

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I think i can achive this by securing a specific url (the url of the tab) somewhere in the settings file i guess.Am i right?
Do u know how to do this?

I do not believe that is possible.

Really i need this feature.

You may be better building off the contrib uibuilder project. This is a lot more bare bones but gives you a lot more control of endpoints and ability to add authentication schemes of your own. You do of course then have to add all your own widgets etc but it may be what you need.


thanks for your reply.
I could try a more soft way.
what's about to create a form with the dashboard block "template" and trying use the auth config located in the settings file?

You first need to understand how Dashboard works.

Those "tabs" are actually all one single endpoint - a single page. You cannot have a tab that is secured without having the whole Dashboard (a single page remember) secured - it is impossible. Anything that you do to make it look as though you are securing a single tab will be a fudge and very unlikely to provide any real security.

You will be much better off using something else to create your settings page and simply to link to it from the Dashboard if you still need to use the Dashboard.

uibuilder is an easy way to do this. You would build a single page with your settings and secure that with ExpressJS middleware. Put a link to it on your Dashboard and a link back to the Dashboard from the settings page.

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