Pile the notifications

Hi there! I'm looking for a way to pile the notifications in dashboard. I'm using notification node from dashboard ui. Every time I send a msg.payload. It overrides the last notification. Is there a way to pile the notifications?

What, if you save the old notifications in a variable, append the New One and resend the whole bunch?

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I write my notifications into a FiFo - buffer and show it in a listbox

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Hi @xx_Nexus_xx , can you provide an example?


fifo.json (7.7 KB)
This is the flow for above History-View with FIFO buffer... everything in msg,payload will be stored in the buffer.

The change-element ">List" is generating the msg.payload so it can be used directly by the listbox

In FiFO you can configure the number of History elements(e.g. 50x msg.payload) you want to remain in the list


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