Notifications History

Hello people! I would like to know if it is possible to create some widget on the dashboard to show the history of received notifications, for example the last 5, do you know how I can do this? Or if it's possible at least?

what notifications? from where?

If you have an array of 5 things, you can certainly show them on a dashboard yes.

Perhaps something like a log?

Here you find a basic example. One post later you find the code to limit the amount of rows to keep.

For example, I'm notifying the dashboard when there is a threshold such as temperature exceeded (example), in that I'd like to create a history with these notifications and the time to see when the last failure occurred, understand?

I thought of sending these notifications to a database with a timestamp and then pulling them to a table

So why not do that? Send the msg to a database node to record it. Else where you can have a flow that triggers however you want and select the rows descending with a ‘Limit’ clause

I'm trying this right now, but I don't know if I'm going the right way. The data arrives in the database correctly like in the print. But no bottom node is coming out of the database to send to the table.

  1. What database are you using?
  2. How are you triggering the select?
  3. What are the sql statements you are using for the insert and select?
  4. What is the schema for the table?
  5. What database node are you using - the full name please node-red-contrib-?????

1 - Cloudant
2 - I didn't understand very well, I'm a bit new in this area, I'm managing to put the data in the database calmly, but I need something to activate the output, is that it?
3 -

4 - There will be two columns, one with the text of the last notification and the other is the time, showing when it was displayed in the dashboard
5 - node-red-contrib-cloudantplus

Cloudant… I was wondering about that. I have no experience with it so I will have to bow out here unless you want to use a sql database.

Is there a particular reason you are using cloutant?

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