Pimoroni IO Expander

In another thread I got help with INA260 module for measuring analog values. I need 5 readings, and I see the INA260 is addressed 0x48 and 49, assume I can use a mux and in a way be able to have more than 2 connected on i2c.

But I also have some Pimoroni ADS1015, and the IO Expander, can not find any workable nodes for these 2.

I am no programmer that's why I look for the easy way out with already made nodes. :slight_smile:
Is there anyway I can get the analog readings 7-14 described in the link, to be red using node-red?

If you search the flow library for ADS1015 there appear to be 3 nodes available.

You will probably have to use the python3 library for the ioexpander, and write a script to pass the values to NR.

thanks but I have tried the nodes and they do not work with the pimoroni ADS1015, the unit only has A0 A1 A2, whereas the node has config for 4 channels. when connected however, without any dc voltages connected, I read 1,24v which could be the Vref on the board according to schematics

And for writing the script for the ioexpander I would need help..

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