Play song with DLNA Speaker


I have a qnap NAS with a setup DLNA Server and a DLNA Speaker. I would like to use NODE-Red to have the speaker play a song (or maybe even a folder) from the DLNA Server or the NAS directly.

I already did a lot of search but cant find any help how to do that. There is a node called "node-red-contrib-dlna" but cannot figure out how to use that.

Anyopne can help me and give me a hint how to handle this?

Thanks in advance

Did you read the built in help on the side bar...

A node that sends a command to a DLNA media renderer.
Device: The DLNA Device. This can be the friendly name, Unique Service Name (USN) or description XML URL.
msg.device The DLNA Device.
msg.payload.action can be "play", "pause", "stop" or "load".
For action "load" msg.payload.url must also be set.
Action response.

What did you try & what (if any) errors did you see?

I did read this. First Problem is I dont know what to put in as the Device. My Loudspeaker has the name "LS-DLNA1" in network. Do i have to put that in? Or the UUID? Or the IP? I tried all three but that didnt work.

Error message from the dlna-action output = ""No device url found."

That is not necessarily the DLNA name.

Do you have a DLNA enabled app on your phone or a DLNA enabled TV or something you can use to sniff names on the network?

Looking at the source code, that indicates it tried to find a device but did not succeed. So either the name is wrong or there are other issues (not on the network? uPNP disabled on device / router?)

Does your loudspeaker not support google cast?

I have the app from the producer.

Does this help?

If there is no where amongst the settings a URL or USN or DLNA Name field then your best bet is to install one of the many apps to your phone that can stream to DLNA, open it, see what names are advertised on your network.

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