Please contact us again regarding MQTT node-red

Please understand that you are not good at English.

I posted a post last time, but I asked for a composition and a picture to be sent, so I post it again.

I connect the sensor to MQTT on the Raspberry Pi and receive data through node-red. But MQTT seems to have a problem.

After a few hours of running node-red, MQTT publishing hangs.

As a result of checking today, I received a message for about 12 hours.

The problem is that the message is interrupted and the sensor data cannot be read at all.

So, after checking the status by making MQTT run automatically at boot time, it shows that MQTT is still running.

What I really don't know is that when I reboot the Raspberry Pi, it comes back to normal.

When I saw the solution in the part I wrote last time, I heard that I need to give a command to publish MQTT.

Do I need to edit the message separately when cutting the image in the MQTT IN setting?

Or I would like to know if it is possible to configure node-red to automatically boot the raspberry pi if the message keeps not coming up.

For reference, it is a sensor from Atlas Scientific, and you can refer to the image below.


To reboot the RPi if messages stops coming in you can have a pattern like below. But I would first try to investigate and hopefully understand why the message stops coming in. It could be anything from sensor to wire/connection etc

thank you for the reply.
First, I set up the configuration by rebooting through the trigger.
I looked in the system log and other MQTT settings and couldn't figure out the cause.

So, for now, I decided to do what you said.

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