Please help at rbe

I have a mqtt input

topic: "hasp/plate01/state/json"
payload: object
event_type: "button_short_press"
event: "p[1].b[8]"
value: "ON"
qos: 0
retain: false
_msgid: "4f0d399e.cea398"

the value can change from ON to OFF.
To avoid flooding the flow and only react to an action at value change I thought the RBE would be just right.
But the function does not react to the changes.
The description says that the RBE mode works with value change check accepts numbers, strings and simple objects. Is the object to komplex?
I have also tried to change msg.payload to msg.payload.value in RBE.
that dose not work :sleepy:

Try changing the output of your mqtt-in node to "A parsed JSON object" and use msg.payload.value in the RBE node.

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