Plymouth power off service

Hi guys, I use a raspberry pi 4 and I had a problem three times, and all three times I had to reinstall the OS again and started from the beginning.
my problem: I install node-red I install different nodes I program it, It starts working but randomly when I want to install a node like the PLC nodes I see this message in my monitor:" Plymouth power off service " and then nothing in the screen. Can you please help me to fix this issue?

hi @maliheh.amirfakhry, sounds like something about compatibility of versions!
do you have the same problem when installed another nodes, or is only with a specific nodes?

Also, at top right of libraries pages, you can see the Node info, you can see if the node has been updated recently.

Screenshot from 2022-06-08 13-25-54
"for example."

i hoe its helps you!

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Which OS are you using?

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Raspbian GNU/Linux 11

Yes, seems it's a compatibility issue, I think I faced this issue when I wanted to install the Omron-PLC node

How are you installing node-red?

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Ah. This looks like a rasbian thing.

Maybe try a different os or 32bit version


Thanks, Steve, I will, what do u recommend?

sorry for my late response, I was sick. I install node-red directly from the node-red web page.

I use 32-bit version always.

Dont forget to clone your working sd card once you have a system that works with most stuff you need, that will make your life easier next time you force a crash

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