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dashboard 2.0 : 1.12.4

I am working on migrating an apps to dashboard 2.0 . I am testing the dropdown ui_update for dynamicly update the widget.

ui_update.label : works
ui_update_options: nothing display or object Object

It is probably a little detail I missed but I tried to figure it out without success

Print Screen for ui_update_label, abd ui_update_options result

here my values:
options : format values used with dashboard 1.0 -
ui_update_options : Same data as in options with dashboard 2.0 payload name

This data format works well with dashboard 1.0 ( the msg.options). I simple use a change node to copy my query result from msg.options to msg.ui_update_options.

Thanks in advance


Could you share a couple of example options, or the value of msg.ui_update.options please?

Hi Joe,

Sorry, I forget to included it , and thanks for your tutorial videos, they are very instructive ..




The options array needs to be in the format:

    value: "value-here"
    label: "Label Here"
}, { ... }]


["Option 1", "Option 2", ...]

(see docs)

Currently, you have the keys of the object for each type, and then I'm not sure what the value is links too here.

I can make that more explicit in the documentation though, as it's not 100% clear.

If you're open to using the function node, then you could do msg.ui_update.options = msg.ui_update.options.map((b) => {return Object.keys(b)[0] }) to extract a single array of each boat type

Hum .. your way is much cleaner, but I believe it is what I am doing

Actual process

*/ MYSQL Query result */ This one is on boat name -

{"id":6,"name":"Free at Last1"},

//Reformat array to work with dropdown
var reformattedArray = msg.payload.map(obj =>{
//declare the reformatted object
var rObj = {};
rObj[obj.name] = obj.id;
return rObj;

//Dashboard version 1
msg.options = reformattedArray;

//dashboard version 2
msg.ui_update.options= reformattedArray;
return msg;

/* re-arranged data */

[{"Free at Last1":6},{"ISOLA":73}]

I see -- I must keep value: and label: -- I tought is was only to show the value type ..

so, my data should look like this:
"value": "1",
"label": "Free at Last1"},
{ "value": "73",
"label": "ISOLA" }]

In your screenshot of the options data, this isn't the format - can't debug the problems in detail at the moment, but this is definitely the issue

If your SQL was to select id as value and name as label, there would be no need to reformat the data.

it is working well thanks a lot for your help.

Steve didn't think about to do it in my SQL query, it is a very good idea.. and will avoid any data manipulations ...
Thanks a lot and have a good wk