Present hex value not as string?

Is there a way to present a hex value not as string in the UI/debug display? In python you can get hex presentation in a dictionary without quotes, for example:

CPU implementer: 0x41
CPU architecture: 7

But in the NR UI/debug view you get the following:

CPU implementer: "0x41"
CPU architecture: 7

Is there a way to get the hex value to not be presented as an explicit string in the NR UI/debug view? I know it is cosmetic, but to my 'python' mindset... looks... goofy. :slight_smile:

No. In JavaScript there is only a Number type.

In the Debug sidebar you can click on any number and it will cycle between decimal and hex representations, but it will always default to decimal.

Yeah, asked but not surprised by the answer... Python 'color' glasses type of thing... or does that make me a python bigot? LOL!

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