Presenting Komponist, your automatic stack configuration tool that requires you to use only two files

Hi all, I am currently working on my personal project called Komponist GitHub - shantanoo-desai/komponist: A Composer for your favorite container stacks with Ansible + Jinja2 + Docker Compose v2 that combines the Power of ansible + jinja2 templating engine + docker / docker compose v2


With this tool you can generate a complex combination of stacks for your IoT / IIoT applications by controlling just two files:

  1. A configuration file that declares which containers needs to be brought up and which versions
  2. a credentials file that will be used to control access to these containers

Currently supported

  • nodered
  • mosquitto
  • grafana
  • influxdbv1 / influxdbv2

all of these containers are packed behind a reverse proxy (Traefik v2).

Best Practices applied

It will generate the respective passwords with hashing and use secure deployment strategies for docker containers using docker secrets where ever permitted.

Future Plans / Roadmap

It is an opensource project so contributions / suggestions / bug reports are welcome. If possible I will try to apply for a Call if there is NodeRED conference this year to show how it works.

New Containers

  • Telegraf
  • TimescaleDB