Problem authentication

I have configured my Nodered with login/password
The first time i connect , Nodered ask me Login/Password , it is ok
But for the next connection it ask nothing and connect directly
Thanks for your help

Hi @gdero - Welcome to the forums.

Is this with the same browser?

if so, it is entirely normal, logins have an expiry (I cant remember the default time).
but if you want to kill the logon session - you need to logout (top right), or wait until it expires

This can be configured in the settings file

sessionExpiryTime: 604800, // in secs, default 7d=604800
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Thats it!

I knew it was there, but couldn't remember the default value!

Thank you for your answer

However ,I have no parameter "sessionExpiryTime " in my setting.js ; i have tried to add it at the end of my file but i get an error when launching nodered !!!!


The settings file is a Javascript file so you have to add sections using JS syntax.
If you what help adding it, an example of where and how you added it would be required to see where you went wrong.

This topic may help you

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Hi @gdero,

You will add this in the same place you added the auth details.

adminAuth: {
   type: "credentials",
   sessionExpiryTime: 86400, /* Here */
   users: [{

Don't forget to restart Node RED

All info here:

Thank you for your help

thank you for your help .

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