Problem passing topic.trigger to JOIN node

Hello ,

I'm using JOIN node to join multiple JSON Objects in to a merged object. This works properly.
But I need to use and external trigger every "5 minutes" to generate the output of the "join" node.
I'm using a simple scheduled "inject" as trigger.

From node-red-contrib-join documentation I can trigger the join fuction passing a msg with topic "trigger" but it allways get a error from the join-node output...

Anyone can help to know how to do this ?

Thank you in advance !

Don't use node-red-contrib-join, it has not been updated for four years and probably therefore will have problems. Can't you use the node-red core Join node? It should do what you want.

Hello ,
I've been able to do it , but the problem is at starttime, i need to initialise all inputs of JOIN node rather UI or other sources to get a complete joined merged Object.
Is any posibility to keep/save values between reboots, or flow restarts?
May I use set-state get-state nodes ?

Is this the same question as on the other thread? If so then please close one of them and keep the conversation to one thread. I have already suggested using retained topics in the other thread.

ok , Colin sorry about that.
With retained topic you mean configure MQTT OUT node with Retain set to TRUE ?

Yes, or pass it in the message as described in the node help. But first if you don't know what retained topics are then look at this guide to mqtt.

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