Problem using node-red-contrib-email-actions - crashing

So, I'm wanting to receive emails and then change the folder (or label) that the email is stored in based on certain criteria (e.g., sentiment)

Currently I'm able to receive emails from a test gmail account (after configuring app password) however I don't know how to go about passing the information to my gmail account to change the folder.

I have attempted using node-red-contrib-email-actions module however my flow is crashing whenever this attempts to connect and I suspect that the module requires updating. Are there any alternative ways that people think I could accomplish the task without creating a new module?

Thanks in advance

Not sure about sentiment but there are lots of ways to auto-process emails. Not necessarily using Node-RED though. And it somewhat depends on what email service you are using.

For any email service that supports IMAP, you could use anything that understands IMAP. For example, in the past I've used lefcha/imapfilter: IMAP mail filtering utility ( run on a CRON schedule every 15 minutes to help deal with junk and mailing lists, flagging for attention, etc.

However, my current mail provider supports Sieve which lets you define rules on the mail server

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