Sending an Email with a copy to 'Sent Mail'-Folder

Hi Forum, hope you can guide me in the right direction because I'm uncertain how I could achieve this or where to start.

Sending an Email with Node-RED v1.3.5 using the Node node-red-node-email v1.12.2 a copy to the 'Sent Mail'-Folder is not created.

Can I configure this in the function for the email-Node or is this a provider thing? Sry I am helpless in this. Thank you in advance for any reply!

Who is your email provider? How have you setup the node?

thank you Gunner for your help! I uploaded the screenshot to the main message

Assuming you use valid email address in node... what, if any, error do you get?

there is no error the mail just sends fine but I would like to have a copy of that Email in my 'Sent Mail'-Folder ... sry i am no native english speaker

Oh... then that sounds like a provider issue. I do get a sent email with my Gmail account.

thank you! perfect, this means I have to figure this out on my provider side or create a gmail-address ... you made my day, sir! and are working fine
Office365 is failing for me as well

Is there a way to enable this in the mail provider settings :thinking:

No idea, I don't use that program.

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