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Hi. I am using the UI Dropdown module to have a multiple value drop down menu with options sent using msg.options. I am using a scheduler and the options change depending on the time I select in the scduler. Everytime I select a new time slot, I send a message with msg.options (for the drop down list) and a msg.payload (for the pre-selected value). Unfortunately I am experiencing some weird behaviour from the drop down. I am attaching an gif for better understanding.


In this example I am clicking on time slots that have the same drop down options, but different pre-selected value. As you can see, at the first click I have 2 values (I figured out these are the values from the previous selected time and the new selected time), and at the second click on the same time slot I finally get the desired value. If I check the messages I feed to the dropdown module, both messages are the same (that is, same msg.payload and same msg.options) but, again, after the first message I get 2 pre-selected values in the drop down and after the second message I just get 1 value. I would have the same issue even if the time slots have two different drop down options, having a weirder case where I have one of the pre-selected value that is not in the options list (this case is not in the gif, just to keep it simple).

At the beginning I thought it was some sort of cache problem with the module, so, after each time slot selection, I try to send a pre message to force an empty selection or somehow to clear the drop down. So after the time selection I send the message {"payload": "","options": []} or {"options": []} but it does no the trick.

I can share the code of the node before the drop down module if needed.

Moreover, the drop down does not allow for multiple selection, so it is even more puzzling why it displays 2 pre-selected entries.

Thanks everyone for helping, I hope my description of the problem is somehow understandable.

First question has to be which version of dashboard ? - as the dropdown does allow for multiple selections...

Hi @dceejay, thanks for your reply. I am on version 2.23.0. I found out anyway the problem. The msg.enabled field (that I need for some of the message I send to the dropdown), somehow was causing the issue (in the example, I sent each message with msg.enabled = true). Now I have control node before the drop down that add msg.enable only when needed. That did the trick.

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