Problem with multiple modbus clients

Hi all.
I'm using node-red-contrib-modbus for the first time and I'm having a problem, I've spent the whole day looking for a solution but I haven't found the right answer yet.
The problem is: If I have multiple modbus clients, Server -> Edit modbus-client node -> Type on the node, as soon as I select a mode, for example, I select TCP or Serial for the other node, the Type will also change to the last selected mode at the same time.
Now suppose I have four clients:

  1. Host:, Port: 62201,
  2. Host:, Port: 62202,
  3. Serial port: /dev/ttyUSB0
  4. Serial port: /dev/ttyUSB1.
    If I want to use all four clients at the same time. What should I do? Is there a solution?
    I would appreciate any help. Thank you all.

You need to add 4 clients.

In the modbus node, the client is a drop down, click it, select the option "add new client" then click the 3 dots ellipsis button.

Steve,thank you very much! I have learned how to add another client.

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