Problem with Raspberry Pms7003 and Arduino

hi, I am using a pms7003 sensor connected to an arduino which sends data to the raspberry via serial port and receives via node red values. The problem for me is that the values come split and I can't find a way to combine them. Don't you have any ideas? Or maybe use another way to connect pms7003 to have the values in node red?

What character have you set the serial node to split on ?

try changing the split input to "on the character" and \n
(or you may need \r- try and see)
and then deliver strings as they look more like strings than binary

serial port monitor-code running on arduino without sending to raspberry

thank you, it works perfectly

You might find it even better if you specify the terminator as \r\n

(not sure if serial node can handle multiple character terminator...)

Oh, perhaps my memory is failing me.

mine too - I can't remember exactly either - would need to look at code.

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