Problem with the trigger node, after deploy

I'm using the trigger node a lot, in different nodes (trigger, then wait for new messages - extend time, if new message) this way, with different timing from 1 sec to 10 minutes. And I noticed it is not working properly if I hit the deploy button, while I'm working for example on different flow, all trigger nodes stops on any flow without any message, silently.

How can I improve this, or use different node to replace the trigger node?


Are you doing full deploy? That will reinitialise all nodes. Use the 3rd option on the deploy drop down (only modified nodes)

If I deploy only modified nodes node-red is not deploying properly (or it is designed this way).
Also the deploy button still red and I think that everything is not deployed.

Simple check: after partial deploy try to refresh browser and see whats happened.
Or my node red is not working properly?

A modified node deploy may not always work properly in combination with certain nodes as they may be depending on eachother. I always use modified flows (not full) and use seperate flows to test/setup the trigger node before they end up in a collection of flows. That way my triggers don't get cleared.

I think I need setup separate Node Red (Docker) for testing purposes and keep one for Production with minimum Deployment.