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Hey guys!
I am new in Node-Red programming. I need you help! I want to create a basic Twitter bot that responses the reversed text from the a tweet. The basic things works like sending the same message back. The problem comes when it goes to reverse the text. I use this node-red-contrib-reverse (node) - Node-RED for reversing it. The point is every time I reverse it, It gives me errors, it send me things like [object, Object] or on the reversed part is the username (like elloH stest@).
I don't know what I should do...
Here is my code:

I use for Twitter this: node-red-node-twitter (node) - Node-RED

I just want a basic bot that responses to certain people with the reversed text from their tweet. Like:
personxyz hello!
Bot: !olleh

Please explain the solution noob friendly, so I can understand!

I'd normally love to help a newbie out with Node-RED but the world doesn't need any more twitter bots :slight_smile:

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Come on :smiley:
The bot is for private use for me and my friends. Don't want to make people mad :frowning:

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As I don't use twitter, i care not how many bots.

You can use a change node to reverse the text


The JSONata expression would be


My Twitter drown in Bots.

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I don't know why this post is deleted but I just want to say it works fine! Thanks :cookie: !

I deleted it as I thought it was the wrong answer. After I posted I had the thought that you need help with twitter integration, not reversing the string. I reversed the delete as it was helpful.

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