Problem with WSC11 weather station


I have struggled with the WSC11 weather station for quite some time now and I can't get any information out from there by using Node-Red. Can someone help me to understand the first steps of what I have to do, to get things going? Here is the WSC11 datasheet:

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@Tamar welcome to the forum.

Since you have been trying, wHat have you tried so far? What node(s) are you using to access it? Are you getting any errors? Do you use debug nodes to look for errors?


The good news is, I get Modbus work. Settings were different from the datasheet.

The next thing that I'm struggling is, I'm listening to communication between WSC11 (Modbus slave) and greenhouse automatic (Modbus master).

Here is a picture from serial port debug:

What I noticed and understand if I'm looking WSC11 datasheet is that:

Slave address is 192,
Function code is 4.

In my buffer, I have not found a solution on how to split Buffer so 192 is buffer[0], 4 is buffer [1]. Because there is no ending byte.

Can someone think along with me and give some instructions on how to get real data out from the binary buffer?


Hopefully someone who has used modbus will chime in. I have no experience with it….sorry

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