Decodiing WS2032 Weather Station

Hi All,
I'm trying to decode WS2032 weather atation data directly in node red.
For initiall setup i've used rtl-sdr together with rtl_433 software and it works like a charm.
What i want to do now is to have a simple 433MHz Receiver send raw data via serial to node-red, where then serial node would pick up the raw data and decode the data further.

There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to do it with 433MHz receiver + microcontroller ( adruino, D1, whatever ) + raspberry but i would like to have a setup where i connect receiver directly via serial and decode it on raspberry.

I`m an absolute beginner where it comes to decoding the radio signal, all i know based on github discussion is the modulation of the signal ( OOK - PWM, short 1000us, long 548 us --> WS2032 Weather station - How to decode it? · Issue #1200 · merbanan/rtl_433 · GitHub )
And the C code for getting andparsing this signal is here :
rtl_433/ws2032.c at 26a82455775b15389e4b5a134c6c87c76a55f46e · merbanan/rtl_433 · GitHub

This is the receiver i`m using to get data to node red:

I~m connecting this directly to serial and see some raw output on debug in node-red but thats the farest i could get with it.

What i would like to know is if that setup is even possible to be done, and if so - how do i properly capture the data and how to modulate it once captured - any pointer would be greately appreciated !!

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