Problema no node red

Failed to install addon

404 Client Error: Not Found ("no such image: hassioaddons/node-red-armv7:7.2.10: No such image: hassioaddons/node-red-armv7:7.2.10")
Alguém de ajuda..

Welcome to the forum @Kakajunior.

Please give us more information about when this error occurs. What are you doing that makes that error?
However, the fact that it appears to be a Home Assistant problem may mean that you would be better asking on a HA forum.

Hummmm entendi. Esse erro aparece quanto tento instala-lo no H.a

Sorry, I don't understand Spanish, it would be better in general if you translated it rather than us having to do it. However, google suggests this means that the error occurs when trying to install on HA, however you have not told us what you are trying to install, but looking that the error it appears that you are trying to install node red as a hassio addon on an armv7 processor.
I don't know whether anyone here can help with that, again you might be better to ask on a HA forum.

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