Problems deleting a group

Do other folks see this behaviour? It seems only to happen after you delete a junction.
NR 3.0.2, node.js 16.19.0

  • Make a group containing inject, junction and debug nodes. Deploy.

Untitled 1

  • Select and delete the junction. Deploy.
  • Select the group. Delete.
    The group and nodes remain on screen.

yes, able to reproduce the problem.


@jbudd it gets weirder in v3.1.0-beta 1
if you add the inject and debug and connect them the insert the junction you have this
Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 4.35.18 AM
if you now select that flow and do a copy, then a paste you loose part of the wire
Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 4.36.33 AM
I've just reported this on the v3.1.0-beta 1 thread

There are other strange effects too but I presume they will all be fixed by some simple change
Untitled 2

Yup, I was seeing weird results too.

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