Problems downloading a node

Hello, how are you?, I am looking for a solution to this warning that the IoT2040 of siemens throws me when I try to install a node. Attached image, this means that on the pallet the node does not appear as such. I hope can help me.

Have you followed the instructions and also installed the node-red-dashboard nodes?

Hello, I have only entered the command that tells me node red.

node-red-contrib-ui-digital-display is an add on node/plugin for node-red-dashboard, it will NOT work without it also being installed (as the error message states).

The readme for the node could be clearer, but the first line does strongly imply...

A digital display, with adjustable number of digits and decimals, for the Node-RED Dashboard.

I have it installed

OK, why did you force install v1.0.0 of node-red-contrib-ui-digital-display when the latest is v1.0.3?

I suggest you use the palette manager to upgrade it to 1.0.3 then restart Node-RED and let us know if you still have a problem.

(Also you did you add the -g flag when installing and why are you installing as root? As a rule nodes should not be installed globally or as root, they should be installed via the palette manager)

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