Node-pre-gyp ERROR


Hi, I have been trying to install node-red on Windows server 2016 but this error message appears :

Captura.PNG1190x710 85.6 KB

Even though node-red seems to work some images and icons are not shown:

But the most important issue is that the node-red dashboard in not working properly. I can correctly deploy dashboard nodes, but when I open the dashboard page error appears "Please add some UI nodes to your flow and redeploy." but i have already added nodes and deployed but nothing happens:

I'm using the following versions:
•NPM: 6.4.1
•Node-red: v0.19.5
•Node-red-dashboard: 2.10.1


I'm guessing you want to paste a screenshot?
If you can it is much better to copy and paste.

First thing to check is you only have the Node-red-dashboard nodes installed and not other dashboard nodes as well
such as node-red-contrib-mdashboard or cn-dashboard-nodes or node-red-contrib-ui or node-red-contrib-ui_j


Sorry about the image upload, I wanted to attach this image:

Node-red only allows me to put one image so i have to put all the information in the same one.
As you can see node-red-dahsboard is installed correctly, but some errors appears. I have tryed to make diferent node-red deploys but nothing change.


So have you a flow that includes dashboard nodes?


Thats it. I have made many different flows with dashboard. The problem is not the flow... i think the problem can be something related with compatibility. As you can see in the image some icons are not shown(node-red menú, debug icon...).