Problems moving dashboard to /

AMD64, Linux, Docker
Node-RED 2.2.2 docker behind Traefik reverse proxy

I set up Node-RED to have the dashboard on /. After restarting NR, I can access the dashboard, and eveything works fine at https://subdomain.domain.tld/. After an undetermined time, however, it stops working and I get a white page saying "Cannot get /". Access to the admin URI, worldmap, other worldmap, etc. continue to work fine.

Nothing shows up in the logs of either traefik or NR (loglevel "info")

Relevant configuration:

httpAdminRoot: '/secret',
httpNodeRoot: '/',
ui: { path: "/" },

Am I encountering a bug or am I missing anything?

You don't have any other services trying to use /? Or have NGINX/Caddy/Apache installed?

Not any more! :smile_cat:

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Well, Node-RED is running in a docker container. Traefik connects directly to the container on port 1880 and proxies NR to its own domain name. The proxy setup works - otherwise, the access to the admin ui and the worldmaps wouldn't work.

Well, of course I didn't post the real URI above, as I also didn't post the actual domain :smirk:

Did a little bit more debugging.
It appears, the dashboard works after a restart of NR but stops functioning after deploying anything, even if it's not dashboard-related. I also set up a port forward on 1880 for the container, so I can access directly nodered-host:1880 without the proxy and I get the same issue.
I changed the log level to debug but nothing showed up that looks like it could have anything to do with the issue.

Sorry, I don't use that nor do I use Docker for Node-RED so not sure I can help.

I understand. After some more debugging, it appears to be an NR issue, though. I might open an issue on Github.

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