Dashboard ui dies

I'm running node-red in docker.
Sometimes the dashboard dies (404 in traefik) but the rest keeps working and processing input and produce output.
I see nothing in the log which gives any hints of the dashboard is dead.
Is there a way of restarting the dashboard process without affecting the rest?

I have a node-red flow which detect if the dashboard is returning 404, it would be nice if this could restart the display process

This is not normal. Which log are you checking. Node-red or the browsers console log?

I think you need to explain a bit more about how you are running Node-RED. It would be also helpful to know if there are any errors other than a 404 reported in the browser dev tools console.

Also, you may want to turn up the logging level to trace which may give more clues in the node-red log.

Dashboard uses one of the 2 internal ExpressJS instances and I've never seen that die.

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