Problems running node-red as a service(unrecognized service)


Hello guys, i have recently downloaded and installed node-red on my rp1 that runs Jessie via the bash command. However when i try to start node-red as a service with node-red-start the following error appears and nodered is not starting:


Start Node-RED

Once Node-RED has started, point a browser at (my ip)
On Pi Node-RED works better with the Firefox or Chrome browser

Use node-red-stop to stop Node-RED
Use node-red-start to start Node-RED again
Use node-red-log to view the recent log output
Use sudo systemctl enable nodered.service to autostart Node-RED at every boot
Use sudo systemctl disable nodered.service to disable autostart on boot

To find more nodes and example flows - go to
nodered: unrecognized service

Starting as a systemd service.
No journal files were found.

When i type node-red in terminal node-red starts fine.Any ideas what is causing that?Note : i have already sudo apt-get install build-essential and update-nodejs-and-nodered.


I don’t think there are any errors there. What do you see if you run in one terminal:


and in the other


What matters is what gets added to the log after the start is run.


I flashed jessie on a new sd card and i cannot run node-red-log at the moment because node-red isnt installed. Before the sd flash node-red-log wasnt giving the logs as expected and node-red wasnt running with node-red-start.


Easiest way of getting Node-RED running on new card is to download the latest image (2018-06-27)

log in and go thru new setup for location etc

run the curl script from


Well we can’t do much to diagnose the problem if you have destroyed the evidence.


I solve it later this week.I didn’t have systemd installed , i installed it with apt-get. After, i just followed the instructions given on the “Adding Autostart capability using SystemD” section found here and node-red-start finally starts node-red as a service :


Which version of Raspbian are you using? Jessie and Stretch both run on systemd.


I upgraded from wheezy to jessie by changing the mirrors and i didn't apt-get dist-upgrade since i had to use some packages from wheezy. Just because i haven't fully upgraded, systemd wasn't installed or it wasn't updated. So when i update it and followed the directions on the link i posted above everything works fine. The version that i have at the moment is very weird , it's jessie with 3.12 kernel :stuck_out_tongue: and many packages outdated. The only thing that rpi will run is node-red and antidote(bluetooth hdp library) so i think i am fine.


OK, that explains it.