Problems with http Post request

I'm trying to access my local Emby server through node red with a simple method. This address works in a web browser ( ```

See example in the docs

"Node-RED Cookbook : Node-RED"

1 piece of info that I left out was the payload response is "Unable to find the specified file" I'm transferring an app from Nodejs to Node-Red. the HTTP post works everywhere except for Node-Red.

Just telling someone to go read the docs does not help. Don't you think that people asking in a forum have already been there? I've watched countless videos etc. and searched for this "Unable to find the specified file" and can't find any info. That's why I am trying here.


Perhaps if you spent a bit of time properly explaining the issue, included some information regarding your environment, goals etc. as well as attaching the source code of your flow it would help us help you?

You are also making an assumption without data.



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Your initial question, as it stood, could be 100% answered by the cookbook answer I provided.

You didnt say, I (try to) never assume, you are new to the forum and I dont read minds.
And you'd be surprised. I have been here a long time and as an estimate, 75% of people do not RTM.

Had you said that, I would have provided a suitable answer.

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