Problems with hysteresis-node


I'm new to this and I'm not a native Speaker, please be gentle :wink:

I have a Problem with this Node node-red-contrib-hysteresis 0.1.0
I want to Control my Heatingsystem in every Room. This Node has the Option to set a Dynamic Threesholds. But it does not work in my Case. I don't know why.

I have made an InjectNode with the Topic /setTemp (Payload 20 [Numbers]) and the current Temp is coming from an Owfs-Node with the Topic ID-from-the-Ds28b20-Sensor/temperature.

From the Debug I can see, that the Input is comming with correct Payload. But the Node is not reacting or changing the Threeshold to the injected Value.

I want to be able to Change this Threeshold, so I can't use a fixed.

I think I have the wrong Input variable declaration or how to call it.


As an option have a look at:

Add a debug node showing what you are sending to the hysteresis node that does not do as you expect.

Input TempSollwert is an Inject after deploy/Restart, to set an value. The 28.FF.... is the current Temp. from DS28b20 on OWFS. After this Input the Node sets the Payload to 14, 1, on an Mqtt Output node (this trigger Pin 14 "on" off the Arduino Mega (it's in the Distributor of the floorheatingsystem, it controls the "I think they are called" manifolds)

The hysteresis node turns the heating on.

This is what I'm getting from it. The 16.6 and 16.5 Threeshold is from a test with fixed Threeshold. But it doesn't do anything, because in this case the Hysteresis node should turn the heating off. This value was empty ( "" ) on start with dynamic and didn't change.

Thank you, but there is no way to change the set Temp. from outside Nodered

Thank you,
with this Node my set Proble is solved. But there are two other Problems with this Node.

My current Temp. is not working because of a wrong Topic Input


I understand the Problem, the node expects a Topic named setCurrent. But I can't Change it

How can I change a Topic from an Input Message, I only know how to change the msg.payload

The second Problem is, that there seems to be no way to leave the Profile empty. The Temperature will get set back to an fixed value after 00:00 o'clock

Thank you for your help

You can use a Change node to set the topic to whatever you want.
According to the image I posted the target temperature set by setTarget should not be overridden by the profile unless you explicitly enable a profile.

How can I change a Topic with a change node. I only know how to change a msg.payload

I can't leave the profile in the thermostat node empty. It seems to be recommended

There is another Problem with this node. I'm not sure what is wrong. In my oppinion this should work

Bur it doesn't change the msg. Problem solved. I'm dumb, 14, 1, is not a Number :wink:

The Change node can set any message property you want:

Awesome. Didn't know that. Thank you this works.

Just for completeness the topic can be setCurrent or empty (undefined).
See the info tab.