Processing of data stored in database


Good afternoon I would like to know if any way to present data stored in a database (mysql or SQLLitte) and generate reports in node-network.

Greetings and thank you.



The answer is: "yes, it is possible", depending on what "it" is...

There are nodes that can access both of those databases, and there are nodes to transform the data into other formats. What type of display would you want to use for your "reports"? Interactive charts? Spreadsheets? HTML tables?

Without some more specifics, we would only be guessing...



Thank you for answering so quickly.

The screen that will be used is 7 inches and the data see would have to show in table format and generate a spreadsheet or pdf to download it.

Greetings and thank you.



There is still a lot of information missing here such as how is the screen connected?

But in short, turning your queried data into a simple HTML table is easy enough, there is a node for that. You should find examples for CSV download links online as well.

But if you want the display to be more dynamic and allow a download, you may need to find a suitable front-end (e.g. browser JavaScript) library to help.

If you are using Node-RED's default Dashboard, note that it includes JQuery (I think?) so it wouldn't be hard to include a JQuery extension to improve the view of your table.