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I have doubts about the feasibility of an idea with node-red.
In my various flows I acquire various information from a database that I would like to put in a report and then print it from a command that comes to me from the PLC. Can I do it with node-red? Has anyone already done such applications?
The formatting type of my report should be the one indicated in the image and printable on an A4 format

hi, you can use report builder
use it to generate reports from the database, and output a link to this report in node red

Perfectly possible.

As an example, on receiving a PLC event, you grab data from database, render a report in HTML (and/or send it to a PDF node) then using a cmdline action the print operation

What is this report builder? a node-red node? or are you referring to MS SQL Server report builder?

Only reason I ask, is the OP didn't state what kind of SQL he was using.


Thanks Steve,
do you have any examples code that can help me?

Examples of what? Getting data from Database? What kind of database? Generating a report? Printing a report? Reacting to a PLC value change? Connecting to a PLC? What type of PLC?

you can save a report from report builder to pdf, but I don't know if you can do it all by command. in my case, the report is generated by the user because the date is selected.

Report builder

download report builder from the link and study the instructions from microsoft, there is a very detailed description of everything

yeah, I figured you meant reporting services. this assumes the OP is using SQL Server doesnt it? Or is reporting services possible to use with other DBs?

Also, isnt reporting services a paid product?

Yes, I'm using SQL Server. report builder in my opinion is free,
other high-load systems like BI are paid on a subscription basis

Generating report

Thanks for your answer,at the moment i'm using the report builder but is not to easy in my opinion

If you use report builder I can tell you how to generate a report

ok ,thanks

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