Programming with multer module

is it possible to code with this module in function node ?

Yes - but you have to make the module available to the Function node first.

What are you trying to do? Since 0.20, the HTTP Request node supports multipart file uploads.

well, i want to update a file by uploading another one and overwrite it in the same file destination. This process doesn't work, because it always show me the original one, not the modified.
I have 0.19 node-red version.
should i upgrade NR or there might be another solution ?

If you want to do an multipart file upload using the built-in HTTP Request node, you could upgrade to 0.20 to see if it meets your needs.

Otherwise you'll have to write the code yourself - using the docs I linked to in order to make the multer module available in the Function node.

Ok i have done with adding multer module in setting.js. I'am now stuck. How can i use it with an

<input type="file" name="userFile" />


I assumed you wanted to send a file from node-red to another system.

But I now realise you wanted to upload a file into a NR flow. In that case you can use the HTTP In node, configured to listen for POST requests and tick the box to accept file uploads.

You can then create your HTML form on a page and configure its form action to point at the url provided by the HTTP In node.

There's an example in the flow library here:

using this node not an option. because am using template node dashboard.

Why is that not an option? It would really help if you describe what you are trying to do. I can't keep trying to provide answers and you tell me it isn't an option because of some simple fact you haven't shared yet.

I assume you have a dashboard created with the Node-RED Dashboard nodes? If that is the case, why can you not have an HTTP In node providing a route that the dashboard page uploads a file to?

yes you're right i was thinking it's not possible to use http In node with dashboard node.
Thanks any way i will try your suggestion.