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hello, i'm a final year student and i have to do a project report wich include the documentation about the node-red part of the project and i have no clue how to do it.
Can anyone share with me a report that can help me do mine .

Hi @achrefnajjar

what do you mean exactly? You have used Node-RED in an assignment and you've been asked to document what you've done? If so, then we can't help you with that. We're not here to do your homework for you.

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i'm sorry but i'm not asking for you to get my job done i'm just asking for a little exemple that i can use to my project.
Thank you .

Okay - but an example of what exactly? It isn't clear what you need to document as we know nothing about what you've done with node-red or what the requirements of your assignment are.

thank you for understanding, for your information it's my first time of making a report so that's why i'm seeing it like a little hard for me .
about the example, anything, like this nodes for example :

how to document these nodes in a report ?

Click on each node and then - in the right sidebar - click on the Help icon and you will see a description of the node.

that with your knowledge of the flow should give you enough to document the flow.

In addition, there is a comment node that you could add on the tab and document the flow there.

Another thing to do is edit each node and use the 'Name' of the tab to say what it is doing.

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