Project - take control over XML based electrical system (Nordic-Systems)

Centralize technique via Node-red and HomeAssistant and control ports/switches in electrical central over HTTP XML integration via Node-Red. (Nordic-systems)

I built my house 7 years ago. I chose an smart alternative electrical system that resemble KNX but is controlled with weak current wire switches and relays in the central. The system can be programmed via a simple app, such as toggle, scenario and schedules. In this project, I want to control the electrical system via Node-red and HomeAssistant. The electrical systems do not have an API or other protocol. By i have looking at the traffic between the app and the central as well as opening the APK file, I know that HTTP GET commands are in use. ?command=xxxxxxxxx or ?getupdate=1

I need your help:
To start with, I need help to retrieve string/information/objects/array from XML (contains information about the system, inputs, outputs, and status). The string will be used for collect/read “msg.preload” ON/OFF message to read if a “port” is ON/OFF in a NODE_RED. Next step is to create at command for control the port and send via “http request”… Or if its better to use MQTT as a bridge?

  1. how can I collect/separate information from XML via NODE-RED, string including object, array an value?
  2. how can I create a switch via NODE-RED that read status from XML-string if ON/OFF
  3. how can i create a switch and send HTTP GET from object information from XML?

lock at the pictures for the string and the XML.