Project terarrium/vivarium

I just want make with node red and raspberry pi automatic turning (on off) lampa and mister. I want send impuls in specific time to raly wich open or close circle. But i didnt find wich node do this or wich nodes do together this can you geav me idea. Thank you!!

There are several timer nodes you can use to set times on & off, have you tried searching on ?
There are also nodes there for relay control and example flows for relay control, even one for controlling an acquarium which may give you some ideas

ok ty i will look and try do something

@corbosman is the terrarium expert!

this is soo nice i want something like that, but for now will be cheaper

You give me too much credit. But, im very happy with the results and any questions anyone has about terrariums and automation, id be happy to pitch in. My frogs are breeding like mad so something must be going right.

Here is a post I did on dendroboard about my setup. I recently switched my dashboard from node-red-dashboard to Home Assistant, simply because I run HA for the rest of my house and wanted to integrate it more. Most of the internals are still Node-Red, communicating to HA using MQTT.

You can build it a lot cheaper than I did. All you really need is a PI and a few relay switches. I bought an 8 port relay board on amazon for like $50 or something. Then some stable power, and you're off to a start. Since im a techie, i just went a little overboard.

i am technician to, but for start i dont know how that all work i mean terrarri... bc of that i dont want spent 2 much money. i have thise relay,