[Proposal] Add menu for accessing previous welcome tours

The Welcome Tour Guide introduced from Node-RED 2.1 is very useful for interactively understanding the features of Node-RED.
However, with the current Node-RED, only the latest Tour Guide is available, and we need to install the past NR version to see the past Tour Guides.

So, I would like to propose adding editor menu for accessing the past and current Tour Guides as shown below.


We don't currently keep all the previous tours, but could certainly do something like this.

I'm not sure I'd want us to expose it in the menu like that.

When the tour component was added, I imagined we would be able to expose them in the Help sidebar.

We do that for the 'Welcome' tour by adding a button to the changelog:

We could modify that to add to the help index (the top tree list) to have a list of the previous welcome tours that are available.

(Noting of course if something in a later version replaced something in an earlier one then that earlier tour would be slightly incorrect unless someone maintained them all. )

Thank you for your comments.
I think your suggestion on adding tours to the tree index of Help sidebar is good.

スクリーンショット 2022-06-21 13.51.12

Yes. You're right.
From what I've confirmed, the tours so far seem to work correctly on Node-RED 3.0.

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