Node-RED changelog for builtin nodes?


Is there a changelog for built-in nodes?

Basically I'm trying to trace when this option appeared, and I'd like to read more about it as I can't find anything online or in the node's documentation:

I'm having problems with Template UI nodes not loading properly, showing their previous version despite injecting new code from template node, etc. More info here.

Ticking this option appears to "fix" the problems I'm having, although I've not been able to get to the bottom of what is causing the problems, nor have I been able to observe exactly when the problems happen.

Strange thing is that all my old template nodes (from 2019 when I first wrote them) seem to work fine, but if I make changes to any of them, the items on dashboard seem to disappear or show previous states. For example my scene controller: every time I turn the lights off, the button showing "off" lights up. But when I do a browser refresh, it shows the previously selected light scene on again, despite everything in global context looking right for it to be turned off. Kind of like it's stuck in this cached state which you can't override, without completely deleting the nodes and readding / rewiring them. When I do this, the dashboard items disappear again but then keep disappearing. Note: if I don't touch these old Template nodes, the problem doesn't surface at all.

Turning this little option on does appear to fix it, but I just don't know what the option is supposed to do, or how it's fixing it!

Just wondered, so I could read more about it.

Have you looked at the git repo?
Any changes are usually summarized, and then you can look what code changes have been made in both the js & html files.

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