Proposal to add iot2050 board support into node-red-nodes/hardware/intel

Porting from iot2050 to mraa intel nodes:

  1. add iot2050 board into pwm, ain, dout
  2. clean up on close for pwm, ain, dout
  3. add led into gpio category

Also, maybe it's an offtopic but is it possible to change name of this package from node-red-node-intel-gpio to node-red-node-mraa-gpio?

Is this a potential pull request you have in mind? If so then yes I have no problem with adding the functionality. Renaming is trickier as it would naturally break existing users. ( and I think there is already a contrib nraa node ?) so we don’t want to add confusion.

Yea, I've already the code changes, will do pr then. About renaming - ok, that's true.

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