Proposed values for subflows

Hi everyone,
This is my first post, after playing around with node-red for some hours...
I really love Node-red and want to make my flows tidier und easier to service...
I use Node-red in conjunction with debmatic to serve as ui and universal middleware to control my mostly Homematic based actuators.
I want to improve the usability of my subflows by providing proposals for the properties.
Like a subflow that reports the state of a relay via the dashboard should propose all devices that behave like a switch.
Likewise, a subflow that reports the state of a switching contact via the dashboard with an led or label should propose all contacts.

I already had a pretty throw look in the forums and documentation, but did not find anything about that. I know that nodes can do this, since the ones I use for the CCU already do it.
I use node-red-contrib-ccu for interfacing with Homematic btw.

Thx in advance

Hi @NeoCortex

With subflow properties, it is possible to pre-define custom UI for how they should be presented:

But you do have to hard-code the values - you cannot dynamically generate the list of options.

So i would have to programmatically create the subflows on startup, if i wanted them to be dynamic or would I have to modify the ccu nodes/create my own nodes as an extension?

You can always attach the additional parameters as attributes to the message going in.

That doesn't help at 'design' time when developing the flow.

@NeoCortex - yes, if you want a more dynamic set of options in the subflow, you'd need to generate the subflow configuration before starting Node-RED, or create a custom node.

You are right, I should have gone back and read the initial post again.

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