Provisioning and connecting device to AWS from Node-Red


I'm looking to find a way to register and connect a device to the AWS hub using node-red. I currently have this working for the Azure IoT hub but would like to move to AWS as it is easier to use alongside Thingsboard.

I need to be able to register devices with AWS from the node red - similar to how the "azureiothubregistry" node works. This is so that I can set all of the credentials for the IoT hub once and then just use the devices Hostname as its unique identifier to connect it to the hub.

The current AWS node that I have found appears to work the way the Watson IoT hub node works, in that I have to manually create each device in the IoT platform and then enter the credentials in each devices node red. This will take too long.

Has anyone come across an efficient way to connect multiple (could potentially be hundreds) devices to the AWS hub?