Pulling historical data from Twitter API and writing to a CVS file

Hello all, I've recently started using nodeRed so naturally, I've run into difficulties and really need some help piecing phase 2 of my project together.

The Standard Track TwitterAPI allows for access to the past 7 days of tweets, so I'd like to create a list of tweets from this past Monday, for example, with the keyword @elonmusk.

The end goal is to call the API in intervals until I have a chronological list of tweets from a 24hr period(if the rate limit becomes an issue, I'll downscale accordingly). Afterward, run the tweet text through the IBM tone analyzer. Lastly, write each tweet, timestamp, and sentiment score to a CVS file.

I have this configured right now, which provides a JSON object of 10 tweets. My first goal is 1) properly calling the API in intervals and passing the data through my tone analyzer. I already have the analyzer working from the first edition of this project, which did this process in real-time, rather than with historical data.

Specifically, how can I call the incoming data in a chronological manner and parse it to extract the text? I've tried with the function & switch node, but haven't had any luck. This is what the API call provides at the moment:

Any advice or recommendations are really appreciated. Happy to provide additional information as needed.