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I'm facing error as "pyfile not exist" in PYTHONSHELL NODE after declaring the path,



This is the same screenshot @Trainocate posted earlier....

It means that file does not exist on the device running Node-RED.


If it is running on Windows you may also need to escape those \ so c:\\users\\ ... etc


that file do exist.


And that is the same machine running Node-RED?

The (now deleted) question from @Trainocate was running in IBM Cloud.


Node-red is used in IBM cloud but the file I'm trying to add is located in my local machine, will that be accepted to use file from local machine when node red is running in IBM cloud?


No the node works with files located on the server running node-red.

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How does the machine running in the cloud access files running on your local machine? It doesn't.

You'll have to add the file to your application image using the same continuous delivery feature you used to edit package.json

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Thank you Nick, yes I have already enabled continuous delivery feature in my IBM cloud, exactly where the file has to be updated and is there anyway the file I update in continuous delivery could get mapped in node red?
What is that Application image is all about?


Sorry, I'm out and about today. Can't give you a complete guide on this. But there are guides online for how to use the continuous delivery feature (not Node-RED specific) that you should be able to find and learn from.


Once you get back please share us the link to add files to node red from IBM cloud.


Google will help find you a link.


Or use forward slashes which Windows also understands.

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