[q-gate]Feature request - link gates together


Hi Mike
If your a bit bored at the moment how about a facility to link gates together - like link nodes can be?

This is to save having crossed wires (or actually using link nodes of course) to use one inject toggle to open/close two or more gates at once

I realise this could easily be tremendously complex to code for little gain :slight_smile: so feel free to say get lost straight away :slight_smile:

But it would be very cool :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,
Bored, yes, but probably not that bored. On the other hand, I may have had a similar request about a year-and-a-half ago involving node-red-contrib-simple-gate. If you are bored enough to look at this thread and chase down the links, you could tell me whether this is the feature you would like to have in q-gate. If it is, it may not be hard (famous last words) to create a version, probably unpublished, mostly unsupported, and a bit of a kludge, just for the "very cool."

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Computer says no...

It isn't possible for contrib nodes to do that. The link nodes can do it because they are deeply ingrained in the view code.

Computer is right. I never published to npm, for the reasons discussed in the thread I linked. You will have to download from Github. Sorry.

Or ....

npm install drmibell/node-red-contrib-remote-gate

To install direct from github


Understood. We discussed this some time ago, and node-red-contrib-remote-gate ended up passing control messages via RED.events. Neither a happy solution nor a real contribution to the NR ecosystem. So it sits on GitHub and was never published to npm.

I tried it out and as per other thread, your right, its just not compliant with the Node-RED way

And it only saves one link node so I've just gone using a pair of them instead :slight_smile:


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