Query Data from influxdb via HTTP GET method

Hello there everyone,

I am rather new to Node-Red, so please bear with me.

What I have:
I´ve got a Node-Red Flow working on a Unipi Neuron M503, which logs sensor values every second to an influxdb measurement table. This works fine via the standard contrib-influxdb nodes.

What I want to do:
I want to extract the data as a csv file in more or less reoccuring intervals. This can be done manually with a button click, preferably by selecting a start time and just extracting the data till "now".

When I use the the builtin contrib-influxdb node, the data is all stored in RAM an my Unipi freezes.

Prefered solution:
As I have read in the influxdb documentation, there is an option to read data in chunks of e.g. 20k measurements and write it to the csv file. This I have implemented via a curL command and am able to create csv files through ssh-connection.

This is an example curL command:

curl -G 'http://localhost:8086/query?u=admin&p=password' --data-urlencode "db=mydatabase" --data-urlencode "chunked=true" --data-urlencode "chunk_size=20000" --data-urlencode "q=SELECT * FROM rawvalues WHERE time > now() - 100d AND time <= now()" -H "Accept: application/csv" > /media/usb/unipi75-100d.txt

I would like to get this working with a HTTP Request node, but I am having trouble understanding the right syntax. I already googled several days, tried to understand some examples and also tried the Node-Red cookbook, but I am simply out of my depth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

In case you did not realise, you could run the curl command in an exec node.


Yes, that will be the best way since the data shouldn't have to flow through Node-RED at all.

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But... but guys... this would be way to easy. Pls give me the overly complicated version...

Just kidding. Many thanks. Works like a charm.

Your wish ....

Node-RED calls a Python command that calls a shell script to call PowerShell that uses .net/mono C# library to run the same command.

That what you are looking for? :rofl: