Question about permissions to reproduce Node-RED

I'm co-authoring a book on IoT in which Node-RED is featured. We've read the general terms about reproducing Node-RED screenshots and other artifacts, but we want to make sure that we're not misinterpreting them. Aside from hiring an expensive lawyer, who can we ask about these issues?

The general info is here About : Node-RED ( and I assume you've already seen that. There is a citation reference on that page.

Since the project was gifted to the OpenJS Foundation, you might find more information there.

The code is all released under a single license of course. Which is a permissive license and I believe was deliberately chosen to ensure that corporate entities could make use of it freely.

The code of conduct is also worth looking at.

Otherwise, I don't believe there are any restrictions on things like screen-shots as long as you reference back to for Node-RED itself and to any contributors if you are referencing any of us. If specifically including any contributed nodes, each has their own license which has to be compatible with Node-RED's Apache 2 license in any case. A reference to a node should use its full npm name, e.g. node-red-contrib-uibuilder.

If referencing anything from this forum, it would be sensible to ask folk whether they mind content being reused. I think that most people taking part in a forum like this would recognise its open nature and therefore would not generally object to being referenced. I certainly don't :slight_smile:

And a note of thanks is always nice :blush:


Doh! Sorry, I forgot that in the detail.

And may I say how nice it has been to deal with Node-RED and its authors and contributors over the years! :grinning:


And indeed a note of appreciation for the most welcoming and supportive community !


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