Question on optimizing resources on the browser that loads NR Dashboard?

I searched but probably used the wrong search words..
Just wondering if there is a point in separating different tabs into more groups to optimize resource usage for the browser.
So does the NR Dashboard load all groups and tabs into memory when you surf the main url regardless? Or will separating tabs into separate groups help with this? Especially for older computers and phones. What is best practice here?
Many thanks for any hints.

Two quick rules

  1. Yes is loads everything... so less is better
  2. Don't use charts as they can really slow things down

Many thanks for reply!
So it loads all tabs and groups in the site on first launch and separating the groups into separate tabs will not help? Just to be clear?
I am using charts, but with filters that thin out the data which helps a lot.
Many thanks.

yes - it's a single page application (SPA) so switching tabs is just changing what you see - the page is already in the browser.

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Many thanks!
I just checked in Activity Monitor on my MacBook.
It gives different readings in the Activity monitor depending if I put all groups in separate tabs and then surf to a tab with fewer groups.
As for the CPU usage it goes down significantly if I only put a few groups in to the main tab.
Is that what I should expect still? Is this different to what you would expect?

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