Question regarding sub flows

When you use the subflow you don't have to fiddle around with env variables, you set it up in the subflow properties. You only need to know the feature is implemented using env variables when you are building the subflow.

Yes Colin, I know
But I was initially not looking for such "work-arounds", especially since they are not covering all cases (or node properties), I thought what I felt missing would be a nice NR feature that would enhance the overall user experience and at the same time make it intuitive, easy to use and understand. But I might be the only one left alone on this island...

(In the mean time, even though not exclusively just targeting that, I have looked into how I could put a number of big timers into a sub flow (one of my potential candidates) but it would not work out very well since there are so many configuration properties that anyway cannot be set using env variables)

I wouldn’t call those workarounds. This is the implementation of the functionality you’re after. Having properties available for subflows is a relatively new feature, 0.20.x from mind. The proper editing interface that you’re seeing now only got added in 1.0.

But because the subflow properties are rather new, older contrib nodes aren’t prepared for using that functionality.

Personally, I don’t see the need for something else in overhead put on top of everything else, when the functionality is already there.

You are right in that it isn't perfect. In the long run as more nodes allow the use of subflow properties in this way it will get better. Which reminds me, I will have to go through my nodes and bring them up to scratch.

Yes subflows are an ongoing area for development.

I had to sleep on this one,,,
I think I might have been unable to express what I meant. English is not my

I think I should have talked about inheritance

Like you have in java and others, a superclass and subclasses. That is really what I meant. So maybe flows should be left as is, thats fine

Instead, imagine you create a collection of nodes, in similar way you create a subflow. When you use the,,,supernode,,,the instance, the subnode, will inherit all methods, properties etc including the original configuration views

In this way it would be really easy to use for the end user. When you configure the nodes "inside" the instance, you really see what you configure and you would configure using the familiar original views.